Info and Procedures for
Resumption of Regular Worship

Social Distancing – In observance with governmental/health guidelines, we ask people to sit in family groups and distance at least 6 feet apart from others. Every other row will be blocked off. The balcony will be open for those who wish to sit up there.

Masks – Masks will be required at all times for everyone inside the church facility in accordance with Governor Holcomb’s stipulations for public gatherings. If you forget a mask, we will have one for you to wear when you arrive. Those on the platform will remove their masks while they are on the platform. You may want to keep this in mind as you choose where you wish to sit in the sanctuary.

Singing – There will be corporate worship and the worship team will be singing. While they are wearing masks, those in the congregation can choose to sing, hum along, or simply “sing and make music in your heart” (Ephesians 5:19). Again, this may determine where you position yourself in the sanctuary.

Miscellaneous – There will be no Sunday School nor any staffed nursery. However, if a parent and child wish to utilize the nursery during the service they are welcome to do that. Offering plates will not be passed; an offering plate will be placed near the front of the sanctuary to drop off your offering as you leave the service.

Dismissal – Once the service has concluded, the congregation will be released by row to return to the parking lot. We are asking you to not congregate in the hallways nor in the sanctuary to visit. Please save your conversation until you are outside the building for everyone’s safety.

Personal Responsibility – Please be wise in your choice to attend or not. The church services will continue to be live-streamed. If you are not feeling well or have a fever, please watch the service from home. Continue to be respectful of others by wearing a mask, maintaining distance, and washing your hands.

Thank you for your cooperation regarding these guidelines. We realize these protocols are not ideal nor comfortable; however, as an act of sacrificial love, humble submission, and biblical unity we do ask that everyone prayerfully abides by these policies.

Joel DeSelm - Interim Pastor
1200 Berkey Avenue Goshen, IN 46526 • 574-533-6360